Come join us on our excursion celebrating Europe!

Europe is lucky. In just one week in May, there were two chances to party. We joined the fun and together with Alexandra Hefel and her excursion agency Ausflugsbüro, we invited people on a trip. Our aim was to take a closer look at the topic of borders. And so, we set out to explore the subject from different perspectives and to discover new aspects on the way. 

First, we went to the Rhine, or rather the Rhine’s riverbanks. Many curious and remarkable stories have taken place here throughout the centuries, and we got to hear about some of them that day.

At the Rhein-Schauen museum, historian Peter Melichar told us more about the Rhine’s history. Then we hopped on the historic train Rheinbähnle and went along the river to the estuary at Lake Constance. Here the fabulous Spielboden choir sang songs of the Rhine while we enjoyed a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Constance. We continued our journey on the Rheinbähnle to its next station, where mountain guide Heinz Wohlwend shared captivating and touching stories of his mountain (and border) adventures. We headed home after an amazing day of honouring Europe! Thank you to all who joined us!