The Europe Class

Documenting the journey of a class of schoolchildren from their first day of school to their final exams aged 18, becoming a community of young people who think and act “European”.

Europe is a topic that is widely discussed in society and the media, yet it is an increasingly abstract concept, particularly for young people. Taking place each year until 2024, the Europe Class project aims to spark pupils’ interest in the idea of Europe, to engage them in discussions and talks. Inputs by inspiring people from the fields of arts and culture, politics, history and philosophy will make the concept of Europe tangible. It is, after all, such a decisive factor in our political past, present and future.

In a long-term study, the journey of Grade 2b/2017  at the Gymnasium Schillerstraße grammar school in Feldkirch will be documented up until their final exams in 2024, the year we hope to be European Capital of Culture.

Moreover, we plan to extend this fascinating project to include many more classes. Each year will start and end with the “Europaforum”, a meeting for all participating classes, and in the final phase of this eight-year study, findings and results will be presented to the public.