People show the borderline moment of their life with just one picture on Instagram, adding the hashtag #Grenzmomente (#borderlinemoment)and thus contributing to a collection of touching personal moments of people living in the borderland and a variety of perspectives on the meaning – or absence thereof – of borders.

We all have different takes on borders and boundaries, mostly depending on where we are standing at a given moment: Before, behind or right on a borderline? Even the terms are ambiguous. Borders can mean the actual, very concrete lines between nations, states or municipalities that we cross travelling or commuting. Or borders and restraints in our feelings towards other cultures, ethnic groups, societies, scenes.Or they may refer to the boundaries we feel within us, limits and limitations to our growth, resilience or power, or boundaries set by our moral beliefs.

These were the starting points of our call for people to submit their photos of borderline moments. Their takes on this topic showed borders, limits and boundaries of all kinds and inspired us to question how we see and deal with them.