Mission Statement

In a world where scepticism against the idea of a unified Europe is growing, we hold on to our belief that it is culture and the arts which enable us to live together, to celebrate unity in all our diversity. The people of the Rhine Valley and the Bregenzerwald region live in a polycentric, partly densely populated part of the world; in the heart of Europe, yet surrounded by borders – national borders, geographical demarcations and at times also barriers in people’s minds.

Preparing to become the 2024 European Capital of Culture, we want to provide space for people from here and all Europe to experiment with new perspectives, mindsets and approaches. We invite everyone to join us in our dream of a good life for everyone in their individuality and for all of us collectively, and we want to create opportunities for finding identity in diversity.

Due to the history and geographical location of their native region, the people of Vorarlberg have practised for a long time to live between neighbours big and small, and to make the best of their surroundings with courage, vitality and innovative spirit. Applying to become the 2024 European Capital of Culture gives us the opportunity to strengthen our awareness of these characteristics, to share our experiences in our corner of the world with the rest of Europe and to encourage cross-border thinking and acting today and for generations to come.