After two successful artGIRLSculture projects artist group Verein Amazone once again invites girls and young women to participate in the creative process. ArtGIRLSculture is an art project that encourages girls to work with their own personalities and biographies, apply creative skills and perceive themselves as active contributors to society.

While the two previous projects were realised with visual artists, a performative artist will create a performance with the girls in 2018. Theatre improvisations, creative writing workshops and physical exercises allow participants a personal approach to topics such as sexism, feminism and female identity.


Strategies from theatre pedagogy help develop forms of presentation, while the artistic practice is 100% process-oriented. All participants will be equally involved in the process; whatever they bring to the table will be incorporated, they decide what direction to take and what subjects to address. The resulting performance will be presented live and recorded on film, giving it a broad public platform.