GrenzüberSCHREItung – Crossing Borders

Human rights violations happen daily, not only in countries dominated by war and dictatorship, but throughout Europe, in our everyday lives. What exactly are human rights violations? What can we allow to happen before intervening, and when are my personal boundaries crossed?

In the participatory project “GrenzüberSCHREItung“, these questions are explored with teenagers. In the form of association exercises and with the help of theatre pedagogy, open scenes are tried and rehearsed, offering the young participants a chance to try out different forms of action and thus achieve different results. One point of focus is the responsibility of society as a whole, which is made clear by including an outside perspective – by presenting the project in public space.

Self-reflection and encounters in public space offer teenagers a sense of experience that aims to promote respect and openness towards others. Reflecting our own actions is the preliminary step to taking action.


Becoming aware is a first step towards changing our personal situation or becoming socially involved.